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                               What we can do here?

                           Have a Thai massage on our beautiful platform by the sea. 
                             Observe nature                                            Right from your balcony                                               
         Enjoy our beach on a high tide                            Or on a low tide   

Or try one of the Boat Trips and Kayak Adventures 
We can take you anywhere around the Bay of Phang - Nga 
                                                                Go and explore the island 

 Or just hang around and enjoy the beautiful view from our cozy and friendly at 
Sabai Corner Restaurant you can sit, listen to music, make friends, borrow a book. 
Try some of the super - fresh seafood Koh Yao is famous for or, if you want to have a change, 
go for our home-made breads and yoghurt, or the Italian pastas and salads we are famous for.

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   Sabai Corner Bungalows
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